Small businesses: Are your priorities right?

1. Make a good first impression

You only get one chance! A customer perusing through your website, or browsing your catalogue will make their judgement of your business within seconds and it will likely come down to how your business looks. No matter how great your product or service is, if they don’t stick around long enough to find out, they won’t become a customer. Graphic design adds credibility. Creating a professional first impression can sometimes be all it takes to spark interest in a potential customer.

2. Professional design delivers

A pretty brochure is good. But a pretty brochure that converts is great. Professional graphic design is not just about making things look sophisticated – it’s about enticing potential customers to keep reading and take action. Professional graphic design has the potential to deliver great results.

3. Create brand recognition

A good designer will carefully consider fonts, colours, imagery and mood when developing a brand. Those aspects are then spread across every piece of marketing collateral that they create for the brand, creating a visual consistency. Consistency is imperative to a business to ensure potential customers recognise and remember the business. It takes around 6 – 8 points of contact to convert a potential customer – make every one count!

4. Stand out in the crowd

If there’s one thing that all small businesses have in common it’s that they all face competition. You might differentiate your small business with price, quality, service… but don’t overlook graphic design. Professional design can make your business stand above the rest and emphasise your price, quality or service. Your business is unique, so make it look the part.

5. Save yourself time and money

A lot of businesses who don’t value professional graphic design initially find themselves having to redesign all of the marketing collateral at a later stage. Paying for professional design once is cheaper than paying for design again and again. Redesigning may also have a negative impact on your brand. If the look that your current customers have become familiar with changes you are undoubtedly sacrificing your brand recognition, which takes time to build. It’s best to get your graphic design right the first time and save yourself time and money in the long run. 

Emily Papettas
Lead Designer

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